Feel Legit Yet?

Ahad L. Amdani
2 min readMay 25, 2021
Power up and leverage three lasers at a time for your primary offensive weapons!

We’re enabling a timed “power up” of the primary weapons systems, the lasers. This power pickup enables you to leverage three lasers at a time instead of just one for a short duration (currently set to 5.0s). Now that we have a few game mechanics in place as well as high quality assets, we’re starting to feel like a legitimate indie game. We will need to add a little enemy variety, with increasing levels of difficulty, as well as additional scenes for new stages, in order to add some real polish to the game.

Code isn’t too fancy or too nested, yet. But this is probably at the level we’d consider refactoring this further.

Based on if we’ve set this flag, we’ll leverage the triple shot or the normal single shot laser.

The advantage of leveraging an engine: look how easy it is to create a timed powerup!

Of course, as I write this, I see a hard-coded number and that automatically means something I’ll want to clean up. In this case, I’d like to make that a serialized field so we can adjust the duration of the power up in game testing.