Git Switch

I guess I’m still used to switching with git checkout

I went through the Git Crash Course as part of the program and to see if there were any special caveats regarding Unity with Git, since it’s been a little while since I’ve worked with that combination. Doesn’t seem like there’s anything special to be aware of. Git for Unity isn’t really any different than Git for anything else :)

Having a lot of development experience and use of these kinds of tools, and git specifically, pretty much every day for the last decade, I sort of breezed through this course. I didn’t want to skip it altogether, in case there was anything new for me to learn. And I did pickup something I wasn’t aware of. We don’t just use git branch or git checkout to navigate between git branches anymore, there’s also git switch! So that was something new to pickup, though I still generally prefer to use the commands I’ve grown used to. Seems to be an attempt to separate the functionality of git checkout, since it’s leveraged for multiple things.




Father, software developer, writer and avid gamer.

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Ahad L. Amdani

Ahad L. Amdani

Father, software developer, writer and avid gamer.

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