Main Menu, Score & Lives UI, flickering Game Over screen, Credits, and Restart functionality
Animated Powerup sprite adds a bit of color to this otherwise super-dark atmosphere
Power up and leverage three lasers at a time for your primary offensive weapons!
Eventually, I shoot them down some but the enemies being spawned is each 1s
Basic collision detection — enemies can be hit by lasers, or can hit players (so far)

Throttled the fire rate with a cooldown system

Simple 2D Player Movement with Boundaries
  1. Retrieve the axis you’re interested in and store them in a local variable.
  2. Generate the direction of motion based on these inputs.
  3. Perform a translate upon the game object’s transform with an arbitrary speed value and multiplied by Time.deltaTime…

Ahad L. Amdani

Father, software developer, writer and avid gamer.

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